Iliana Hagenah

Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS

by Joby Warrick

 Warrick's telling of the Zarqawi story from the Zarqa street thug to the militant thug on CNN helps readers understand the completely new beast that is ISIS.  The new prologue also explains the shift from "radicalized Muslims" joining jihad to the new "Muslimized radicals"-a poignant theme in the war on terror today.

The Taliban Shuffle

By Kim Barker

 Barker shows the blurred line between the worlds of comedy and tragedy often severed in war reporting.   

S Street Rising: Crack, Murder, and Redemption in D.C.

Ruben Castaneda

A Washington Post reporter on the crack epidemic addicted to crack - this is a definite D.C. read. 

Blind Spot: When Journalists Don't Get Religion

Lela Gilbert and Paul Marshall

I found this while rummaging through the GW library one afternoon and the title struck me. It features essays that persuaded me reporting as a secular discourse often misrepresents facts. 

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