Iliana Hagenah

Iliana Hagenah is a freelance journalist based in Washington DC. She has a passion for telling underreported stories, providing in-depth profiles and research into communities beyond the East Coast media epicenter. Her passions lie in both U.S. political stories and international profiles.

She lived in Washington DC for five years, as a student and journalist. She was a fellow at POLITICO and worked in BBC News’s Washington D.C. bureau. She began there as an intern and soon became a digital producer for features and online stories that she pitched. She is currently a Gwen Ifill mentorship fellow with the International Women’s in Media Foundation.

Internationally, she has reported from Morocco and Jordan. She also freelanced for many publications during the Sudan revolution. Her story for Elle Magazine on the female revolutionaries of Sudan was the Apple News Spotlight story for a week and is being elongated into a book. She graduated from The George Washington University majoring in International Affairs and Music.

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