Iliana is a writer and filmmaker in search of the hidden and erased histories. She focused on daily news production and humanizing the moving images we glimpse now and then. 

She is a news producer for CBSN's morning show and the Foreign Desk. At BBC, she produced several experimental shorts for the English, Arabic, and Persian services. She freelanced for a bit, for publications such as POLITICO and Elle Magazine. 

As a Somali-American, she was compelled to write when the Sudan revolution was underway, and her feature in Elle Magazine about women in the frontlines was an Apple News Spotlight story, being optioned for film. Her reporting has brought her to some of her favorite places, such as Morocco and Jordan. She is a Gwen Ifill mentorship fellow with the International Women’s in Media Foundation.  At the moment, Iliana is working on two independant documentaries and hopes to see her personal projects breathe more. 

She kindly asks that we as journalists stop putting the word "Trump" irrelevantly on otherwise good articles. If you do that, she'll stop sardonically writing in third person.

**That's  her grandpa framed  in the back of the photo, the Mark Twain impersonator. 

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